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The freshest tempeh in Singapore is finally here.

Handcrafted 100% natural plant-based protein made from quality ingredients & superfoods, designed to help you live your best life!


What is plant protein a.k.a tempeh?

Quite simply, tempeh is a fermented soy product that’s a popular vegetarian meat replacement. But vegetarian or not, it can be a nutritious addition to your diet!


It is a healthy alternative to meat, with minimal impact on animals and the environment. Tempeh contains 10 percent of all your daily iron and calcium needs; plus, it helps regulate your gut health. Pair it with stir-fried veggies or put it in a burger to enjoy a balanced diet! 

What are the benefits of eating tempeh?

Soybean tempeh contains fibre, minerals, vitamins, and all the 9 essential amino acids that your body needs. We also offer our tempeh in other nutritious flavours like chickpea.

Fermented foods are easily absorbed into your system.  Increase your energy levels by eating these easily digestible foods.

Freshly Made

Our products are made locally using non-GMO, organic legumes. Since their nutrients are best absorbed fresh, you are getting the most for your gut health!

Eliminate Bloat

Eaten over time, tempeh can help eliminate bloating and serve as a prebiotic to aid better digestion and reduce inflammation.

Sustainable Living

By consuming plant-based foods, you are helping to save animals, and the resources used in doing so - reducing your carbon footprint and conserving water all in one!

Boost Energy


Our tempeh are created with love and well-wishes for all who taste them. Using carefully selected certified organic beans, they are produced under strict hygiene conditions. From time to time, we may offer interesting flavours to enhance your tempeh experience.

Nut Mylk

Coming Soon ....

How do I get my tempeh?

Step 1

Select your desired falvour, packaging size and quantity to place order in the coming production run

Step 2

Make payment via PayLah or PayNow or Cash on Delivery.

Step 3

We will contact you make the freshest tempeh for collection/delivery. Free delivery for orders above $50.

Self-Pickup Schedule

at  Incubaker (21 Media Circle #01-01 Infinite Studio) or

Tanah Merah MRT Station  on specified weekly pick-up dates

Small Orders

Every order received is treated with the most care. We believe that food is the basis of well being. Come order a freshly made batch to try out!


Angie's Vegan Pantry can offer wholesale orders of tempeh. These tempeh are made from organic, non-GMO beans, freshly made to ensure a longer shelf life.

About Us

Food is medicine for the body, mind & soul.

Angie's Vegan Pantry is a small family-run business that specializes in plant-based foods. Being vegetarians in Singapore, Angie and her family realised that there are not many options for quality, wholesome vegetarian foods in the market. In order to ensure that none of the essential nutrients in a vegetarian diet are missing, they set out to make their own cultured food and plant protein.

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